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Memory Superior Mattress

The Shakespeare Memory Superior is a beautifully crafted Pocket Sprung mattress. With a modern 50mm layer of Memory Foam, residing over 1000 springs, this popular mattress offers a truly luxurious feel. Coupled with a Coolmax smart material fabric cover.

This Shakespeare mattress is built around a 1000 Pocket Spring unit, which is used in many Shakespeare mattresses as it offers great support and a comfortable feel. This spring unit is durable and very supportive, offering posture promoting support throughout the night.

As well as the excellent Pocket Spring unit, the Memory Superior has a deep layer of Memory Foam. This 50mm layer is luxuriously comfortable, but also offers support, complimenting the spring unit underneath. This layer of foam will mould to the body's contours, supporting the body and helping prevent aches and pains.

This Shakespeare mattress is quilted, offering a smooth and comfortable surface, which is every bit as comfortable as it looks! The cover fabric is a smart material, Coolmax. Coolmax actively draws heat and moisture away from the body, creating a comfortable sleeping environment. This fabric makes a marked difference over the traditional damask fabric used on other mattresses, and means the mattress remains cool and dry throughout it's long life.

This is a no-turn mattress, for easy use. It only requires rotating once per Season, and has handles to make this easy.


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