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Memory Flex Mattress

The Memory Flex 1000 Mattress has a Pocket Spring system at it's core, around which there is a deep layer of natural fillings, which is topped off with a 10mm deep layer of Memory Foam, added to cushion the surface and offer contour hugging support and comfort. This layer is not overly deep, and this allows for increased breathability through the mattress, ensuring it remains cool and comfortable at all times. The blend of foam and natural fillings works well together.

This quilted mattress has a deep pad of natural fillings. The quilted feature means the surface remains smooth and comfortable at all times, allowing the surface layers to move relatively freely, keeping them soft and comfortable. This slightly softer feel does not detract from the overall firmness of the mattress, but rather it works in harmony with the firmer springs, allowing the body to enjoy comfort and support.

The Memory Flex 1000 is a shallow tufted mattress, ensuring that a precise level of firmness is maintained throughout the mattress' life, as well as preventing the surface layers from moving around.

This is a no-turn mattress, only requiring rotating once per Season. There are flag stitched handles to aid movement when required. There are also breather vents on the side of the mattress to aid the air movement through the mattress.

The cover material used on this mattress is a wonderfully soft, tactile and durable knitted fabric, which looks as lovely as it feels! This is a white topped fabric, although the mattress has a grey border, matching it's base perfectly

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